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iPhones Beginner's Set

iPhones Beginner's Set

With clear descriptions of what to do and pictures of the screen.

Set Includes:
✓ iPhones One Step at a Time
✓ Get More From Your Smartphone
✓ Free: "Don’t Let Your Smartphone Empty Your Wallet"
With the option to add the Jargon Dictionary
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Smartphones are amazing – can do all sorts of things. They're everywhere nowadays and no wonder – they can be very handy.

The catch – and what can be done about it...
But the catch is it's only easy to use them if you've been shown properly how to do it. Trying to work it out by guesswork can be almost impossible — you can end up in a right pickle...

And like most modern gadgets, you don't usually get a manual. Even if you do, chances are it might as well be in Ancient Greek. The books in the shops aren't much better – most of them assume you already know half of it.

That's why these books explain it all nice and simply, taking you through it all step by step from the beginning – with clear English descriptions of what to do and pictures of the screen showing you where to tap and "swipe" the screen.

iPhones One Step at a Time

This book shows you how to use an iPhone, but there are different versions for other types of smartphone such as Android smartphones or Doro Smartphone.
Click here if you are unsure what type of phone you have

Get More from your Smartphone

Get More from your Smartphone

As I say, smartphones can be amazing – but to get the most out of them you often need to use "apps" (short for applications). But there are thousands of apps to choose from…

And that means you need to know which one is best - you can tie yourself in knots using one that's not very good, even if it sort-of works.

That's where this book comes in. It covers the apps that I think you might find useful, whatever type of phone you have. The main types of app that are worth knowing about… what’s out there… how to get hold of it… how to use it! Most importantly it shows you why you'd want to use it.

If you have a smartphone, I think you should have this book, to go with the “One Step at a Time” book. Simple as that.

From keeping in touch to watching TV. From the app I think everyone in the country should have on their phone, even if they never use it (I think you'll agree with me) to the best ways to play music... and lots more, it's all here. All explained step by step.

Free booklet included in the set
Don’t Let Your Smartphone Empty Your Wallet

If you order both books as a set, we'll throw in a free copy of  'Don't Let Your Smartphone Empty Your Wallet' full of tips and information to help you avoid spending more than you need to. And there’s only one postage charge of £3.99, whether you buy one book or lots, so if you’re interested in both books, you’ll save on postage by buying the set now rather than buying them separately.

Jargon Dictionary

There is also the option to add our handy little Jargon dictionary. This pocket dictionary translates all the jargon, abbreviations and phrases into plain English. It has explanations that tell you what each phrase means in simple language. It doesn’t define the words in a technical way, like you might get from an “expert” – it just explains what you need to know.

Why not order now – we’ll get your books straight in the post to you.

Only want the one book? That’s fine,

just click here for the iPhones One Step at a Time, book

or here for the Get More from your Smartphone book

or here for the Jargon Dictionary

Not sure which set of books you need? Click here to help work out which type of phone you’ve got so you can order the right thing. Or give us a call on 01229 777606 and we’ll help you.

This set is for iPhones

We also have beginner's sets for Android and Doro Smartphones

Android beginner's set
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