Smartphones One Step at a Time (iPhone, Android & Doro Smartphones)

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*Not sure which smartphone you have? Click here or give us a ring on 01229 777606.

Smartphones — those fancy modern mobile phones that can go on the internet and do all sorts of things. They're everywhere nowadays and no wonder — they can be very handy.

The catch — and what can be done about it...
But the catch is it's only easy to use them if you've been shown properly how to do it. Guessing or trying to work it out can be almost impossible — and you might end up in a right pickle...

And like most modern gadgets, you don't usually get a manual. Even if you do get a manual, chances are it might as well be in Ancient Greek. The books in the shops aren't much better - they seem to assume you already know half of it.

That's why these books explain it all nice and simply, taking you through it all step by step, with clear English descriptions of what to do and pictures of the screen showing you where to tap and "swipe" the screen.

Choose the version for iPhones, Android or Doro smartphones - either way, it'll make things much simpler.

We have versions of the book for:

  • Apple iPhones.
  • Android smartphones.
  • Doro smartphones. This book covers Doro Models:
    • 8100
    • 8080
    • 8050
    • 8042
    • 8040
    • 8030
    • 8035

Just choose the right book for you from the drop down list at the top.
If you're not sure which phone you've got, read on below or contact us here.

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*How to tell whether you have an iPhone, an Android phone or a Doro smartphone – so you get the right book:


First of all, one of the easiest ways to tell is to look at the back. If it says "iPhone" or you can see a picture of an apple with a bite out of it, then it's an iPhone. It looks like this:

the iPhone has a picture of an Apple on the back of it

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Android Smartphones

The backs of Android Smartphones look different from each other, as they're made by all sorts of companies. They don't even necessarily say Android on them - though it usually says "Google" on the screen while you turn it on. But if it says any of these then it's likely to be Android:
  • Nexus
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Sony Xperia
  • LG
  • Asus ZenFone
  • OnePlus
  • HTC
  • Alcatel
In general, the simplest way to tell is simply to work out if it's an iPhone - that's easy because they say iPhone on the back (you might need to take it out of the case if it's in one). If it isn't an iPhone, then it probably uses Android.
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Doro Smartphone

Most Doro smartphones have the word Doro on the back (and in some cases on the front). You might have to take it out of its case to see it. Our Doro book covers most Doro Smartphones, but not flip phones (with actual number buttons on them).

If your phone looks similar to either of these then our Doro book is the one for you:


If you are unsure, please give us a ring on 01229 777606 and we'll help you identify it.

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Other types of smartphones

The only other possibility is that you have a Windows phone – some of the above companies make both Android and Windows phones. If you turn your tablet on and see a screen with big tiles on, like this, then you have a Windows phone (which we don't cover, sorry).

So if you don't have a screen like that, it's not Windows. And if it's not an iPhone (because it doesn't say iPhone on the back), and it doesn't say Doro, then it must be running Android.

One last thing

If you're not sure you've got it right, you can always ring up (01229 777606) and ask to talk to Jade, Emma, Shannon or Shanice and they'll help you identify it. And if the worst comes to the worst, and you find you've ordered the wrong book, don't worry. Just let us know and we can just swap them over for you.

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