What our customers say...

" As an ex-headteacher I know a good teacher when I see one. Your books, in a word, are “outstanding”!" 
Harry Roberts

" Your service is unbelievably fast. Very pleasant people answering the phone & the books are just what I've always wanted! Thank You." 
Jill Dale

" Thank you for sending the books so quickly. They look marvellously clear and helpful and I can't wait to get started." 
Carole Aston

" I received my books yesterday and after three hours I've learnt more about my computer than the last five weeks I've had it. Thank you, and I would certainly recommend your books." 
G Vann

" I have become a fan of your aptly named company's books, they are written in an easily understood format not too technical so as to be offputting to novices and altogether very, very useful." 
Michael Dengate

" Grateful thanks for your superb books Computers One Step at a Time and The Internet One Step at a Time. As an elderly newcomer to the world of computing I would be lost without them – better than any other publications I have seen for the beginner." 
Peter Allen

" Out of all the computer books I purchased over the years I find that yours are the most simple straightforward advice books I have ever had. It is my pleasure to use them and has given me great experience with my computer." 
Laurie Lord

" Thank you for the books which are absolutely brilliant. To read something that doesn't assume one understands all the technical jargon without coming across as patronising is fantastic." 
C M Middleton

" Your books have been enormously helpful to this senior lady. I am beginning to enjoy rather than be frightened of the computer – many thanks." 
Maureen Leighton

" Many thanks for the excellent books and CDROMs. I am most impressed with these, at last I have something which clearly sets out each procedure and is easy to follow and therefore understand." 
Rick McGill

" Absolutely crystal clear." 
Sheila Saunders

" I think they're brilliant... They really are in plain english not gobbledegook" 
Edna Osman

" My husband and I are delighted with the books – we have had a PC for several years but have never managed to come to grips with it! My husband manages better than I do but gets very frustrated. However we find your books very clear and helpful." 
J Golding

" I have since made very good progress and have a good grasp of the essentials. All being well I hope in the next few days i shall be on broadband. I found your instructions so clear that even an old man like me could follow them!" 
John Collis

" I think your books are excellent and models of clarity." 
Trevor Crawford

" At last a book written for “computer illiterate idiots” like me. Most of the computer books I have looked up have so much jargon in them that one has to be a computer expert to understand it all and at the age of 70 I need things to be simply explained." 
M Monk

" The books are the best of their type that I have ever seen." 
A Stanway

" Within an hour I realised that this was going to be the aid that I wanted." 
Gordon Mathie

" Am very impressed by their “keeping to the point” - other books seem to stray!" 
C H W Edmonds

" As a more or less novice it was easy to read and I was able to apply what I read." 
Joan Phillips

" Thank you ,the books are very helpful. I've learnt more in one day than I have in six months with other books." 
David Williams