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Smartphone (and Tablets) Photography One Step at a Time

Smartphone (and Tablets) Photography One Step at a Time

How to take great photos using your smartphone or tablet

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Both Books?

Using your smartphone as a camera has become pretty much the norm these days - and no wonder.

They’re small and fit in your pocket - easy to carry with you when you’re out and about, they let you share photos with other people easily...

Not only that, modern smartphones can take better photos than a lot of standalone digital cameras!

As well as taking great photos, smartphones let you store (and back up) photos, edit or tweak them, print them and share them with other people - all without having to put your photos onto a computer (unless you want to).

The only snag is knowing how to do all that.  It’s not that it’s complicated, really, it’s just that it’s not obvious until you’re shown.

Luckily, these full-colour books cover all of that, and make it easy.  The first book covers how use your smartphone camera - whether you struggle to use it at all or just don’t know about the settings, tricks and options that would make your photos come out better...

The second book covers things like storing, editing, printing and sharing photos – including how to put them on the computer too, if you want to.

And you get a free booklet: "13 Simple Photography Tips (that’ll make 90% of your photos better)" if you buy both books together.

These books are suitable for:

  • Apple iPhones & iPads
  • Android smartphones & tablets
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