Dictionary: Computer, Tablet & Smartphone Jargon into Plain English

You know all that jargon that techie people use all the time? The words that make no sense, the confusing abbreviations... or phrases where each word makes sense, but together it just seems nonsense?

This pocket dictionary translates all the jargon, abbreviations and phrases into plain English. It has explanations that tell you what each phrase means in simple language. It doesn’t define the words in a technical way, like you might get from an “expert” – it just explains what you need to know.

From DIMM to GUI, from the difference between firewall and firewire (don't get confused - they really aren't the same) - it's all made nice and simple here.

This 5th edition is updated to include tablets and smartphones as well as Windows 10 & 11 and earlier versions of Windows.

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