They’re Out to Pocket Your Money

This covers the various scams, tricks and swizzes that conmen, big businesses and scammers try to use to get hold of your money.

Some of the things in here are just about legal - but a bit underhand. Tricks that some businesses will use to get you to pay more than you should. Some are out-and-out cons or scams that you might easily fall for if you didn’t know about them.

Once you know about them, generally it’s easy to not fall for them – but where you do need to do something specific, the book explains that too.

I’ve heard from plenty of people who’ve saved a tidy sum from what they’ve learnt (and I remember hearing from one lady who wished she’d had the book earlier as she’d fallen for one of the scams mentioned and lost over £200 - if only she’d known about it earlier!)

This book goes particularly well with How to Shop Online with Confidence.

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