The Buyer’s Guide to Technology

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Here in the warehouse, one thing Jade and Alicia say most weeks is “Could you do a little book to help people decide which tablet, phone or PC to get in the first place?  We’re always getting asked for that.” They’ve been saying that for years.

And we always reply “I suppose we could, but it’d be hard – it depends on exactly what the customer wants to use their phone (or whatever it is) for, and it all keeps changing so we’d have to keep updating it all the time.”  We’ve been saying that for years, too.

But you know how water dripping long enough can wear down a stone?  Well, water dripping on a stone for hundreds of years has nothing on Jade's persistence on behalf of the customers she talks to… and the thing is, she’s right, it would be a really handy thing to have.  And the fact that it’s hard to write… well, that’s our problem.

So, we finally knuckled down and wrote this book. It’s a small book (well, not that short – it’s 128 pages, but they’re smaller pages than the other books). It covers what you need to know if you’re choosing a phone, laptop, desktop or tablet. Or if you’re trying to choose what type of device is right for you… or to choose between the bits that go with them: printers, screen protectors, cases and so on.