Tame Your Android Tablet: Video Course

  • £59.94

Do you have an Android Tablet?

Do you ever wish you knew how to use it better?  Wished someone would just show you, plainly and simply, what to do?

Working at your pace, covering the things you want to know how to do?

These video courses are exactly that.  Sit back and watch as we explain how to use your tablet, showing you exactly what to do, where to tap the screen, how to swipe and so on. 

Of course, you can watch them as many times as you like, pause them or go back and watch one bit again.

There are two sets: Volume 1 is "The Fundamentals" and Volume 2 is "Moving On", though they go together best as a pair.

You get them on DVD so you can watch them on any DVD player - on your TV or a computer.  You also get a password to access an online version, so you can watch them on a tablet or PC across the internet.

Order now and we'll send your videos out straight away. 

We also have a Tame Your Apple iPad Video Course here.

Free postage applies to orders with this product.

Not sure if you have an Apple iPad or an Android tablet? Check here.

This course is suitable for Android tablets.

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