Simple Ways to Make Your PC Easier to Use

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It sounds odd, but this book doesn't teach you how to do anything new.

It’s all about how to make the things you already do easier and simpler. From different ways to do common tasks to settings to change to make the computer easier, it’s a book that every computer user should read, no matter what they use their PC for.

A few of the things you'll find out:

  • Do you use a laptop with a "touchpad"? My number 1 tip for making it all easier. Page 3
  • How your PC should be set up on the desk - yes it does make a difference. Page 6
  • The easiest way to start programs. Is this the way you do it? Page 20
  • Make any mouse easier for you, rather than for the people who designed it. Page 26
  • My number one time saver on the PC. (The very first thing the owner of a multi-million pound business taught me when I went to work for him) Page 33
  • The buttons that thousands of people don't even realise they have. Page 38
  • When you have no idea how to get the PC to do something you want, there's one trick that usually saves hours of reading the manual, struggling or looking at online help. It's on page 40
  • Microsoft like to get rid of the "menu bar" (the bar at the top with "File", "Edit" and so on in) because they think it's untidy. But it's useful. Here's how to thumb your nose at Microsoft and bring it back. Page 52

And that's not all - I can't list everything here or this web page would be far too long!

This book is suitable for Windows Computers.

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