Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram... and the rest

Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, but there are lots of other messaging and social media services around too. And what if half your family uses Facebook, but there's one that insists on using Instagram? Sometimes just knowing how to use Facebook isn’t enough…

This book: Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram… and the rest, shows you how to use “Messenger” – the built-in messages and video phone calls feature in Facebook. And it takes you through a whole load of other options for keeping in touch. What’s Twitter actually for, anyway? Why would you want WhatsApp as well as Messenger? Is Instagram the same as Facebook? This book makes it all clear.

The companion book, Facebook One Step at a Time, shows you how to use Facebook right from the start, from setting up an account to finding your friends on it and sharing updates, photos and so on.

This book is suitable for Windows Computers, Apple iPhone/iPad, Android phones/tablets and Doro Smartphones.

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