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iPad Beginner's Set

iPad Beginner's Set

Everything explained nice and simply, in plain English.

Set Includes:
✓ iPads One Step at a Time
✓ Get More From Your Tablet
✓ Free: "Can my iPad get a virus?"
With the option to add the Jargon Dictionary
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Beginner's Set

* Not sure which tablet you have? Click here or give us a ring on 01229 777606.

Touchscreen tablets are nifty bits of kit. Lighter, easier to carry around and more convenient than PCs or laptops. They’re even easier to use in a lot of ways, too.

But there’s a catch. In fact two.

Catch number 1: They’re different from PCs. So even if they’re easier, if you’ve already learnt to use a PC, you have to start again.

Catch number 2 (this is the big one): There are quite a lot of important features that you can’t possibly work out how to use unless someone tells you. Things where you have to “swipe in” from a particular side of the screen - but there’s nothing to show you that’s what to do. Or where you have to make a particular “gesture” on the screen with your fingers.

That’s why I’ve published these books, they explain everything nice and simply, in plain English, with pictures of the screen to show you exactly what to do.  No jargon!

iPads One Step at a Time.

iPad tablets One Step at a Time

Tablets can be amazing. I'm always surprised, when I stop to think about it, just how much I use mine - and for so many different things...

The only thing is, to do most of these things you need to use an "app" (short for application) for it. And that means you need to know which one is best. And you need to know how that particular app works - some of them are clearly designed by techies more interested in tinkering with it than making it easy to use!

Get More From Your Tablet

That's where this book comes in. It covers the apps that I think you might find useful.  It tells you what's out there, how to get hold of it and then, how to use it! 

From keeping in touch to watching TV, from “Do you really need anti-virus software?” to how to use your tablet as a sat-nav or playing chess or Suduko on your tablet.

Plus as a bonus we are including the free booklet 

Can My iPad Get a Virus?

A great resource for all tablet owners, including your 21 most asked tablet security questions

There is also the option to add our handy little Jargon dictionary to your set.

Jargon Dictionary

This pocket dictionary translates all the jargon, abbreviations and phrases into plain English. It has explanations that tell you what each phrase means in simple language. It doesn’t define the words in a technical way, like you might get from an “expert” – it just explains what you need to know.


Why not order the set now and we'll get it straight in the post to you.

One last thing

If you're still not sure, just ring us on (01229 777606) and we'll help you identify it. And if the worst comes to the worst, and you find you've ordered the wrong version, don't worry. Just let us know and we can just swap them over for you.

If you're not sure which tablet you've got, read on below. Or contact us here and we can help you.

*How to tell whether you have an iPad or an Android tablet, so you get the right set? Click the banner below.



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