Wanted: IT person who likes variety (degree optional)

Note this job advert has expired.

This isn’t your typical IT job.

For a start we want someone to do a whole variety of things: from being in charge of our websites (mainly on Wordpress but with a few fancier bits and pieces as well) to looking after our internal systems (PCs, network, our own custom written database), being right on top of our backup system and occasionally dealing with a printer that’s decided not to play ball.

Not to mention helping with answering technical questions from our customers, keeping an eye on our IT security and generally helping out whenever we need some IT expertise.

But in case that doesn’t sound varied enough there’s also the possibility of helping with some online marketing - whether it’s simply helping with analysis or actually making changes to increase sales.

As you can imagine, we’re not after the typical person. We’re not too bothered whether you have a degree or not but you’ll need to be bright and (obviously) very good with technology... and willing to learn.

Someone who can think for themselves - but also do what’s asked. And it’d be good if you can keep yourself organised once we’ve agreed on your priorities and tasks.

In return you’ll get a work environment that’s a little different too. We publish books about computers, tablets and smartphones, aimed mainly at tech novices - and we sell them direct to customers through mail order.

Perhaps more importantly, unlike many businesses, you can actually get stuff done and make a difference to the business. We’ll go ahead with good ideas rather than having umpteen meetings about them until we’ve managed to turn them into bad ideas.

Everyone’s friendly and we don’t have “office politics” here. Oh, and I should say we have a habit of developing people... and we’re happy with the idea of tweaking roles to fit the skills of the person. (In particular if you happen to be a tech-minded editor who’s reading this and thinking “Well, maybe, but I’m an editor as well”, then let us know – but if you aren’t, that’s absolutely fine.)

Incidentally, the role is probably likely to be part time. Full time isn’t out of the question, but it’s more likely to be part time – maybe 4 days a week.

If that sounds interesting, have a look here where there’s a bit more information about who we are and what we do and apply by sending a CV & covering letter saying why you’d be right for the job to Tim Wakeling at The Helpful Book Company, 13B Devonshire Road Estate, Millom, Cumbria LA18 4JS or by email to tim@helpfulbooks.co.uk

The closing date is Friday 21st December.