Wanted: Experienced Editor / Product Developer

We publish books & online courses that help novices learn how to use PCs, tablets, phones & other technology. (And we do a few other bits and pieces too.)

Our customers rave about us - in a good way. And that’s largely down to how good our books and courses are.

Now we’re looking for an experienced editor to join our small team here in Cumbria, not far from the Lake District, to help publish all the books and courses we want to get on with.


The role will involve:

  • Editing (and often actually writing) pages for our books or content for online courses. We’re determined that everything should be explained clearly, in plain simple language, so this takes some effort (not to mention skill).
  • Editing and/or recording videos explaining how to use PCs/tablets/phones. We use a “screen capture” program.
  • Planning exactly what to cover in a particular book once we have the general idea of what it’s going to be about.
  • Working with the rest of the team to plan ahead, so that reprints and so on can be done without throwing everything into disarray.
  • Working as part of the team to come up with ideas for new books & courses and develop them. You don’t need to have experience of this (though it’d be great) but you’ll need to be able to think clearly and understand what makes our customers tick so you can help work out what might appeal to them.

    As a small, Employee-Owned business, the job will be quite varied. There will often be different tasks you might be the best person to take on, so the above list isn’t everything. Working in a small team of four editors means you’ll need to be flexible and you’ll work on a variety of projects.


    You’ll need to be:

    • Able to write and explain things clearly and in plain, easy to read language... and to edit other people’s writing in the same way.
    • Good with technology. You don’t need to be a super-techie-hacker or anything like that but you should be comfortable using smartphones, tablets and PCs in various ways and pick new things up quickly... otherwise you’ll have trouble doing books about them.
    • Able to keep yourself organised - other editors will be about if you need help, of course, but we don’t micro-manage.
    • Good with numbers so you can be involved in analysis to see how feasible a particular project is before we start.

    We’re a small business where you can really make a difference. Our customers think the world of us (there are few things more satisfying than reading letters and emails from people who have your book, saying how wonderful it is). We have a friendly environment with no office politics and we’re good at letting people develop... and encouraging them to take on new tasks as soon as they’re ready for them, rather than insisting on jumping through hoops first.


    If all that sounds interesting then apply by sending a CV and covering letter saying why you’re suitable for the job to: The Helpful Book Company, 13B Devonshire Road Estate, Millom, Cumbria LA18 4JS or by email to jobs@helpfulbooks.co.uk

    Closing date: 18/08/2023 5pm



    • Additional leave
    • Company pension
    • Enhanced maternity leave
    • Enhanced paternity leave
    • Flexitime
    • On-site parking
    • Profit sharing
    • Sick pay
    • Work from home