Important information about your payment or return

 When can I expect delivery?

During the pandemic we are finding that some of our orders are taking several days longer to make their way through the Royal Mail system. This varies depending on how short staffed the Royal Mail are in  your area and in the sorting centres it passes through on its way to your door. Read more here.

Are you Self-Isolating and planning to pay by Cheque or Postal Order?

If you don’t have a bank card and are planning to pay for your order by Cheque or Postal Order please give us a call on 01229 777606 or email with your Name, Order ID and a quick message to let us know you’re self-isolating.
Once we hear from you we’ll pop a note on your account and we’ll wait to receive your cheque or postal order once your period of self-isolation is over.
If you have a bank card we would prefer to take card payments during this time.
We can take a payment from you by phone or you can pay online here using our online payment page - please check your invoice for instructions on how to do this.

Are you Self-Isolating and planning to return your order?

If the books aren’t suitable for you and you’d like to return them we do have a 14 day returns policy - which you’ll find more details of on the back of your invoice. 
If you have to isolate please don’t go to the post office to return the package.
Please let us know within 14 days of receiving your order if you are planning to return the book(s). We will pop a note on your account and we will expect the return of the books when it is convenient for you to post them back to us.
Please give Emma, Jade or Alicia a call on 01229 777606 or email if you have any questions.
Take care

Laura Pattinson, Managing Director

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