If Only Getting Great Photos from your Smartphone was Easy (it could be)


Editing, printing and sharing the photos, too


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Do you have a smartphone (Android or iPhone)? Do you use it to take photos?

A lot of people do. After all, a lot of the cameras in them now are not far off professional standard.

Not only that, they tend to be small and easy to carry – not like a big digital SLR camera that needs its own separate bag with all the kit. And if you like the picture, you can share it with people straight away, without having to print it out or put it onto a computer first.

I use mine – and it takes great pictures (down to it, not me!). Not only that but I take more photos because I have it with me most of the time.

It’s not just the obvious special photos at big events or on holiday. It’s the quick snaps when I’m out and about. A stunning view I didn’t expect to see. The look on my dad’s face when I’ve told him another terrible joke! Or that time Jess got a picture of her puppy’s first ever bath.


Options and handy features hidden away so you can’t find them…
They’re not always easy to use, though. It’s the usual story – the people who design them seem to assume you’re a tech-whizz. Often the things you need to do or the options you need to select are completely hidden away. Sometimes there’s nothing on the screen at all – you just have to know how and where to swipe.

Goodness knows why the manufacturers do it like this. Imagine creating a great device that can do all this – even take professional-standard photos… and then NOT TELLING PEOPLE HOW TO USE IT PROPERLY… It beggars belief!

The thing is, once you’re shown, it’s easy. But until someone explains it properly, it can be hair-pullingly mystifying.


Smartphone Photography One Step at a Time
That’s why we originally wrote this book – Smartphone Photography One Step at a Time. In fact there are two books (in full colour!):

Vol 1 covers how you actually use the smartphone itself to take the photos. The basics, the different options you have, what they mean and which ones matter. The tricks and tips that make it easy to take great photos. Or the things not to do. And how the photos are organised on your phone so you can find them again!

Then vol 2 covers storing, editing and backing up your photos, along with how to share them and print them.

And since we printed them, back in 2018, smartphone cameras have moved on even further.  As I say, they’re now at the standard where you can take near-professional-level photos with them, without the faff of lugging round a big digital SLR camera.  So we decided it was time to bring the books bang up to date, after several years being out of print.

Between the two books, you’ll discover everything you need to know to get better photos from your smartphone, more easily, without fuss or getting into a pickle… and then how to deal with editing, printing and sharing them afterwards.

It means you won’t miss that important moment that you could have captured, just because you’re fiddling with your phone trying to get it to work… or accidentally taking a photo when you meant to take a video… while the moment passes. That’s why I think knowing how to use a smartphone as a camera can be so good.


Everything clearly explained, in plain jargon-free language
Both books explain things nice and simply, in plain simple language and with pictures of the screen and sample photos explaining what we mean. And they’re both printed in swish full colour, so you can see exactly what we’re talking about when we say a photo might come out looking too dull or whatever.

As we wrote them, we were constantly asking ourselves “Could we make this a bit simpler?” and “Isn’t there an easier way to do this?”… and as a result, the books are as clear as they can be.

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