Who we are... and how we try to be different?

We're an Employee owned company - which means the people who work here own the business and there are no external shareholders.

We believe we can be successful and treat our customers well. We aim to send out all orders the day we receive them (or the next day if you phone after the post's been picked up). The phones are answered by actual human beings (mainly Emma, Jade or Alicia - or one of the rest of us if it's busy!), not machines. And we don't pass on your details to other companies for them to contact you.

All in all, we try to live up to our name and be helpful.



Laura’s been here since the very early days - 2006. She took over as Managing Director from the previous owner Tim Wakeling when the company became Employee Owned in October 2019, so she has to make the big decisions which means she gets to be involved in all aspects of the company.


Emma’s also who’s been here since the very early days, back in 2006. She’s the team leader for our customer service team and is kept busy answering the phone, dealing with post and making sure our customers are happy!


Claire aka the “Tea Drinker in Chief” joined back in 2007 and has helped with producing books ever since. She has over 20 years experience in editing. Claire also helps out with our marketing, making the ads and booking them into magazines and newspapers.


Julie really helped in the early days of the business; it was her husbands business before we became employee owned. But since 2016 she’s been one of our editors and particularly works on what new books might be popular and what things we should include in them. She also writes our free weekly Helpful Tech Tips email newsletter (sign up here if you haven’t already). 


Jade is another of our customer service team, so, like Emma, she’s busy making sure all our customers are happy whilst answering the phone, dealing with post and so on. She also is the main person keeping track of stock to make sure we don’t run out of any particular book... unless we get caught out by a sudden unexpected rush for a particular title!


Jess started in customer services and still helps out when it’s busy or someone wants a holiday. But she has several different roles now - she keeps our accounts, works on the Tech Inner Circle and when she has time free from all that helps the other editors with getting books done. (She’s also a trained dance teacher - but we haven’t yet written “Dance One Step at a Time” even though it’s a great title...)


Ellen's got lots of experience in publishing but is also a top-notch photographer and when she’s not working for us (producing our books and videos) she has her own business producing location guidebooks called “The Photographers Guide to...” here’s her range of photography guides if you’d like to take a look.


Diane is Laura’s Mam. She is our cleaner (so she still gets to tidy up after Laura) and keeps everything ship shape in the warehouse and offices. It’s never a dull moment when she’s around.


Mike joined us, stayed a while, then left... and a few months later came back (hurrah!) This time we’ll try to hold onto him! He is our main techie - he works on the Tech Inner Circle and also helps when things need sorting in the office. Oh, and in between all that he also likes to help out with packing orders to go in the post.


Kathryn was until very recently our newest recruit - she’s an editor to help make sure we can get all the books & courses we want done. She’s only been here a few months but is fitting right in already.


...and our newest recruit is Alicia who (as I type this) has only been here a few weeks! It’s all going well though and I’ve heard more than one person saying what a relief it is to have her here! She’s learning the ropes (quickly!) in the customer service team, so you might well talk to her (or Jade or Emma) if you ring up to order anything.