Who we are... and how we try to be different?

When I moved away from the town Mum and Dad live in, they kept telling me they wished I'd write down how to use the PC in the way I used to explain it to them. Several other people said much the same. That's why...

...I then wrote Computers One Step at a Time. Thousands of copies later, we've also published books about tablets, smartphones and one or two other things too.

As a business, I believe we can be successful and treat our customers well. We aim to send out all orders the day we receive them (or the next day if you phone after the post's been picked up). The phones are answered by actual human beings (mainly Emma or Jade - or one of the rest of us if it's busy!), not machines. And we don't pass on your details to other companies for them to contact you.

All in all, we try to live up to our name and be helpful.



Tim is the one who wrote the books in the first place. Since then he's written several more, recorded some videos and also writes a weekly free email newsletter giving tips, advice and help about computers, tablets, smartphones and more. Nowadays he has a few more grey hairs due to...

Alastair & Edward

Alastair & Edward

Tim's two little boys, who arrived in July 2010 & April 2012. They get a mention from time to time in the newsletters. Alastair tells me he wants to come and have a desk next to mine when he grows up, so we can help each other when we get stuck writing a book...

Emma - Customer Service Assistant

Emma has been with us since 2006 (even finding a year or two in between to take time off to have a family - now aged 5 and 7) and she's great at getting everything done at the same time as making sure the newer recruits live up to her standards!

Jess - Trainee Editor

Jess started helping on the phones, but now does all sorts of things to help keep the business running efficiently - and is training to be a fully-fledged editor.  As well as that, she's a qualified dance teacher. This doesn't necessarily mean we'll be bringing out "Dancing One Step at a Time", though it is rather a nice title...

Laura - Operations Manager

Laura joined the company back in 2006, soon after I first set up the business. She's now in charge of the Customer Services Team, as well as small details like making sure we pay all the bills at the right time!

Jade - Packing Assistant

Jade started along with Annie and does a lot of the packing, but she also hops onto the phones when it’s busy to make sure we can keep up - so we get two jobs out of one person.

Claire - Editor

Amongst other things, Claire helps with actually producing new books and videos, often turning Tim's efforts into a proper, finished product. Her job description also lists "Make sure Tim doesn't act on any of his more insane ideas" (which might explain why we don't have a go-kart track in the building next door...)

Ellen - Editor

Ellen's got lots of experience in publishing but is also a top-notch photographer. In fact, long before she joined us, some of her photos features in our Digital Photography videos (look out for the Antarctica shots). But the main thing she's doing now is helping to produce books and videos.

Julie - Editor

Tim's wife spent ten years helping out now and then without actually officially working for the business (she worked at another publisher during the day). But now she's joined us as an editor/product developer. We don't work in the same room, though... I'm not sure she'd have taken the job then...