Sleep: Cutting Through the Claptrap

In 2013, 75% of people in the UK reported that they didn’t sleep very well. (According to a sleep council report.)

But it’s getting worse: in 2017, 83% of people said they didn’t sleep very well.

In the busy modern world and with electronic screens everywhere, it’s hard to “switch off”.

It’s not just the odd poor night, either. Far too many people aren’t getting the sleep they need, night after night. And the worst thing is, many of them don’t even realise it – or think that’s just the way it is and there’s nothing to be done.

And poor sleep can lead to anything from heart disease or stroke to diabetes – not to mention putting on weight, increased blood pressure and general lack of energy.

There are umpreen “sleep solutions” – and some of them really help – but some don’t.

You need to know which “solutions” do actually help some people – and which are a waste of your time to even try.

And that’s why I’m publishing this book: Sleep: Cutting Through the Claptrap – What Everyone Should Know About Sleep, Why it Matters and How to Get a Good Night’s Rest.

It goes through what everyone should know about sleep and a bit about how it works – and why it matters. The risks and dangers of not sleeping well enough. There’s a lot more to it than the bullet points I mentioned above – you’ll probably be shocked. You’ll want to take sleep seriously after reading this, I’m sure.

Then it goes through the different things that people suggest to help you sleep better. It looks at the evidence for whether they work and explains how to try it out yourself.

Want better sleep? Where to start?
There’s also a section “Where do I start?” so you aren’t left with dozens of options and not knowing what to do. Only you can decide exactly what you want, of course, but you’ll have the advice to make it easy to know what to try.

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