Privacy: Truth and Lies. The truth about privacy in the modern world and how it affects your life (whether you know it or not)

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Privacy isn't some vague, “in the clouds” sort of thing.

It’s about people watching what you do. I don’t mean just what web pages you visit, though that’s part of it.

I think you'd be shocked to learn how much different organisations know about what you do. From the government, to online companies like Facebook, Microsoft and Google to special tracking companies to big international crime organisations.  Not to mention the small time hackers.

And as for what they do with that information - some of it is downright scary.  (And some of it could end up very expensive for you.)

Too many people think privacy is only an issue for the paranoid... or for conspiracy theorists.  But it's something everyone should be know about... before you discover someone's found out enough to pretend to your bank that they are you... or is literally watching through your laptop or tablet's webcam... or...

Better safe than sorry.  This newly-updated book tells you what you need to know, in plain simple language, without any fluff or "panic".  Why not order it now?


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