Sleep: Cutting Through the Claptrap

In 2013, 75% of people in the UK reported that they didn’t sleep very well. (According to a sleep council report.)

But it’s getting worse: in 2017, 83% of people said they didn’t sleep very well.

In the busy modern world and with electronic screens everywhere, it’s hard to “switch off”.

And it really matters - poor sleep has been linked to increased chance of anything from heart disease or stroke to diabetes – not to mention putting on weight, increased blood pressure and general lack of energy.

The problem is, it's hard to know what to do about it - and it's not helped by all the "solutions" promoted by celebrities or the media.

That’s why I’ve published this book: Sleep: Cutting Through the Claptrap – What Everyone Should Know About Sleep, Why it Matters and How to Get a Good Night’s Rest.

It goes through what everyone should know about sleep and a bit about how it works – and why it matters. The risks and dangers of not sleeping well enough. 

If you ever suffer from lack of sleep or don't sleep well, I think you should read this.  You can thank me later!

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