How to Save Money Online

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You've probably heard that you can save money by using the internet.  And it's true.

Sometimes it's fairly simple - shop around a bit by looking at companies' websites.  Or use one of the "comparison sites".

But sometimes it's not that simple - and there are some things you might never have even thought to check.

  • Two identical "pumpkin suits" - but one is 23% cheaper. Here's how to find the cheaper one (not only for pumpkin suits, you'll be glad to know). Page 4

  • How to get discount vouchers to use on various shop websites - just use one of these 5 websites. Page 7

  • Saving money on house, car, even travel insurance, the easy way. Page 29

  • Get your holiday money online at the best rate. Page 48

  • Like eating out?  You can book restaurants cheaper this way. See page 53

  • Buy things at bulk prices without needing to actually buy lots of them. Page 57

And lots more.  Even one tip could pay for the book many times over... giving you enough for a decent meal out. And if you use three or four... that could really add up. Some of the tips have literally saved me hundreds of pounds.

This book goes particularly well with They’re Out to Pocket Your Money.

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