Tablets One Step at a Time (iPad & Android Tablets)

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Touchscreen tablets are nifty bits of kit. Lighter, easier to carry around and more convenient than PCs or laptops. They’re even easier to use in a lot of ways, too.

But there’s a catch. In fact two.

Catch number 1: They’re different from PCs. So even if they’re easier, if you’ve already learnt to use a PC, you have to start again.

Catch number 2 (this is the big one): There are quite a lot of important features that you can’t possibly work out how to use unless someone tells you. Things where you have to “swipe in” from a particular side of the screen - but there’s nothing to show you that’s what to do. Or where you have to make a particular “gesture” on the screen with your fingers.

That’s why I’ve published these books:

iPads One Step at a Time and Android Tablets One Step at a Time. They’re almost the same book, really, but specific to either Apple’s iPad or the different types of tablet that use Google’s Android system (for example Google’s own Nexus range, Tesco’s Hudl, Samsung’s Tab range or even Amazon’s Kindle Fire). That way you can get one that matches whatever tablet you have or are thinking of getting.

They explain everything nice and simply, in plain English, with pictures of the screen to show you exactly what to do.  No jargon!

This book goes particularly well with Get More From Your Tablet & Technology Help is at Hand.

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iPads One Step at a Time has been updated to cover iOS 12 as well as previous versions of iOS.

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These books are suitable for Apple iPad and Android tablets.
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