Tablet Help is at Hand (For iPad & Android Tablets)

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How will you feel when your tablet won't do what it should, won't respond at all or just gets slower and slower and slower?

iPads and Android tablets are great, no doubt about it - it's amazing what they can do for you.

But there's one problem — they go wrong.  Suddenly you find you tap a button on the screen, swipe across to choose an option or start an app you use all the time... only this time, it doesn't work.

Maybe it does nothing at all (you might even think you didn't touch the screen properly at first). Maybe it does part of what it should, but not all. Maybe it does something completely different or maybe you get a cryptic error message that might as well be in Ancient Greek.

That's when you need this book. Simply glance at the contents page, flick to the relevant page and follow the simple step-by-step instructions there. In no time, your tablet will be back to working properly.

There are two books: Tablet Help is at Hand Vol 1 (Common Problems with your tablet and its settings) and Vol 2 (Common Problems With Apps, Media, The Internet & Email). You can order them both together (that's what most people do) or one or the other separately - up to you.

These books go particularly well with Tablets One Step at a Time & Get More From Your Tablet.

Why not order now and we'll get it straight in the post to you.

These books are suitable for Apple iPad and Android tablets.
Just choose iPad or Android from the drop down menu.

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