Next Steps on your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone Vol 2

  • £12.97

There are certain things most people want to do with their tablets, smartphones, laptops and PCs.

And once you know HOW, they aren't particularly hard.  But until you've been properly shown how, they can be really tricky.

Which is why these books explain you exactly that, all in plain simple language, with pictures of the screen to show you exactly what to do.

They aren't for absolute complete beginners (the "One Step at a Time" books are best if you're a complete beginner). These books assume you can do things like use the mouse on a PC or tap the screen if you're using a tablet or phone.  But they do explain things nice and simply - they're certainly not aimed at experts either.

This is Volume 2 - there's a companion book cunningly called Volume 1 which is here (or you can order them together).

These books are suitable for Apple iPhone/iPad, Android phones/tablets & Windows 10 laptops and PCs.

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