How to Shop Online With Confidence: The ins and outs of internet shopping, from getting a great deal to avoiding pitfalls and keeping your card details safe

Have you ever tried shopping online?  It can be great – here’s why:

    1. You get more choice – from getting exactly the right size or colour, to finding unusual or “niche” things that you’d never see on the high street.
    2. The ease and convenience – no more traipsing round crowded aisles or dealing with hassle at the checkout.  It’s usually quicker, too.
    3. It can often be a lot cheaper  sometimes a pound or two – sometimes a whole lot more!
Anything that saves you time and cuts out hassle, gives you more choice and saves you money, all at the same time, sounds pretty good to me!  So why don’t more people do it more of the time?  There are two big reasons:
  1. People worry about whether they’ll get exactly the right thing – what if it’s not quite the right size or colour, or not exactly what you expected…

  2. All the stuff you hear about people being ripped off – scams and cons and so on – pretty scary stuff.

I suppose there could be a third reason: simply not knowing how to get the most out of it.

That’s why we published this 156-page book – to make shopping online a doddle.  So you can save money, time and hassle, while getting more choice... and avoid getting ripped off.

Whether you’ve done online shopping before or are completely new to it, this book makes it simple and easy – giving you the tips and advice that mean you can get the best from it and avoid the pitfalls. Why not order your copy now?

This book goes well with The Buyer’s Guide to Technology and They’re Out to Pocket Your Money.

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