Get More From Your Smartphone:
81 free apps that mean your phone can do all sorts of things (iPhone, Android & Doro Smartphones)

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Smartphones can be amazing.  It seems like an episode of Star Trek - you can do everything from check the weather to have video phone calls... do your shopping or read a book, carry your music collection with you or even watch TV, all from a little device you carry in your pocket.

The only thing is, to do most of these things you need to use an "app" (short for application) for it.  And that means you need to know which one is best - you can tie yourself in knots using one that's not very good, even if it sort-of works.

And you need to know how that particular app works - some of them are clearly designed by techies more interested in tinkering with it than making it easy to use!

That's where this book comes in. It covers the apps that I think you might find useful. The main types of app that are worth knowing about. It tells you what's out there, how to get hold of it and then, how to use it! Most importantly it shows you why you'd want to use it.

If you have a smartphone, I think you should have this book.  Simple as that.

From keeping in touch to watching TV.  From the app I think everyone in the country should have on their phone, even if they never use it (I think you'll agree with me) to the best ways to play music... and lots more, it's all here. All explained step by step.

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This book is suitable for Apple iPhone, Android phones and Doro Smartphones.